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Walter Halicki knows that when it comes to writing a headline, there are several strategies to use in order to appeal to readers and press release distribution services alike. Walter Halicki is taking the time to share some of his best tips for writing a better and more impactful headline.

1. Is your headline newsworthy?
Remember the 5 W’s – Who, what, where, when and why. Does your title share the maximum amount of information to draw the reader in?

2. Being clear is better than being clever
Google and other search engines do not pick up on word play and other clever type. While this may be great for drawing a reader in, in terms of SEO, it is not useful, Walter Halicki says.

3. Keep headlines short
Headlines should never be more than 10 words long. Anything else is redundant and unnecessary. This may require some rewriting and tweaking, but in the end, the shorter and more to the point a headline is, the better.

4. Use buzzwords
The words “list” and “tips” are great words to include in the titles of press releases. Break up the content therein with bullets or numbers in order to be easily digestible for readers. The easier it is for them to read, the better.