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Never before have people created, built, and marketed a personal brand as we can today. This is in large part due to the technology-driven world we live in today. Online Reputation expert Walter Halicki shares that we have to create strategies to manage our reputation online and off, just like all of the big brands out there.

Build a Personal Brand Tips

One of the most common ways to interact with people is through the use of social media. Unfortunately, this is one area of the internet where some of the most common personal reputation management missteps occur. There are some simple things to remember to help portray your best sense of self online.

It’s essential to take note of what you post and be cautious about any photos appearing online. Every interaction you have, even online, can become connected with your brand. It’s essential to find ways to be consistent and engaging. Everything posted, including pictures, should portray the same consistently positive message to your audience.

How to build personal brand

Another often overlooked part of the branding process is keeping a close watch on your followers. The people you choose to follow and the people you allow to follow your sites can affect your brand. Whatever you decide to post on your page immediately becomes a permanent record. Even if you have made a mistake and immediately delete a posting, the moment someone else shares it, it becomes like a public record. Once someone has a screenshot of a post, it can be republished at any time with or without your consent.

Reputation expert Walter Halicki explains that all of your activity online will serve as a reflection of your personal brand. This fact is why it is critical to find ways to carefully manage your social media use and maintain online interactions with a driven purpose. Your personal online behavior can influence how your business is perceived. Always be sure that the correct steps are taken before publishing anything on social media to ensure that your posts maintain your positive reputation and help build your brand.

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