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Walter Halicki CEO Promotes JW Maxx Solutions as an International Reputation Management Company.  JW Maxx Solutions a Reputation Management Company based out of Phoenix Arizona is known for reputation management of clients worldwide and as one of the leaders in the industry.   Walter Halicki and his team of experts continue to provide help to clients in the area of online presence.

JW Maxx Solutions services offer support to protect the online reputations of top officials, celebrities, professional athletes, and high-profile individuals.  They work with private individuals and businesses throughout the nation.  Walter Halicki and his team of experts “work” with each client’s individual need and help design and develop a strategic plan for their online presence.   JW Maxx Solutions is known for quick response to serious concerns and addresses them immediately and continues to follow them.  This separates JW Maxx Solutions from the others out there.  It’s not just about creating a strong online presence but following it through.  Walter Halicki of JW Maxx Solutions offers a variety of solutions and services such as Crisis/Rescue Management, SEO, Consulting, Social Media, Marketing and Promotion, Video Marketing Online, Video Promotion, Brand Reputation, Reputation Defense and Celebrity Management are just a few of the many services they have to offer.

JW Maxx Solutions has the knowledge and professional staff in the area of brand reputation, celebrity reputation as well.  Clients’ needs differ and each proposal must be designed to help deliver change and opportunity to prevent negative sentiment.   Walter Halicki and his team share that by pushing down undesirable results and introducing more productive and favorable content you can keep a more favorable position on the internet.  To find out more of what we do contact us at